For over a century, the LeFevre name has stood as a guiding force in the realm of Gospel Music, and today, its influence resonates stronger than ever. The formation of The LeFevre Quartet in 2005 marked the beginning of a remarkable chapter in their musical journey. Within a mere year, Gospel Music fans bestowed upon them the prestigious title of 2006's Singing News Fan Awards Horizon Group of The Year.

In 2009, their anthem "Big Mighty God" garnered a Dove Award nomination, solidifying their standing as creators in Christian Music. The subsequent years, 2016 through 2022, witnessed The LeFevre Quartet consistently securing nominations as a Top Traditional Quartet in the esteemed Singing News Magazine’s Fan Awards. In 2022 the group took home the AGM award for male group of the year.

In the realm of recent accomplishments, their albums under the New Day Records/Daywind banner have not only achieved critical acclaim but have also produced multiple number one hit songs.

The success of The LeFevre Quartet extends beyond the weight of a legendary name. It is fueled by the dynamic combination of stellar vocals, high-energy performances, and an unwavering commitment to ministry. This unique blend of talent creates an indelible impression on audiences, ensuring that their impact is not easily forgotten.

The LeFevre Quartet stands as more than just a musical ensemble; they are ambassadors of faith, using their artistry as a vessel to convey a powerful and enduring message that resonates with the soul. At the heart of their mission is a sincere desire to reach the masses with the message of hope, grace, and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Mike LeFevre



Mike LeFevre stands as a prominent figure in the Southern Gospel Music Industry, hailing from one of the most legendary families in Gospel Music. Building upon a rich musical heritage, Mike carved his own distinguished name in the genre.
Mike's musical journey began alongside his Uncle Alf LeFevre, following the retirement of the iconic LeFevre Trio. His talent and passion for Gospel music propelled him through notable collaborations, starting with The Singing Americans and later joining Brian Free & Assurance. However, it was during his seven-year stretch with Gold City that Mike LeFevre truly left an indelible mark.
Notably, Mike is a staple in nominations and has earned the title of "Favorite Baritone Singer" three years in a row at the Singing News Fan Awards, a testament to his exceptional vocal finesse and resonant performances are cherished by Southern Gospel Music fans nationwide.
Beyond his musical achievements, Mike LeFevre, alongside his wife Kathy, resides just north of Atlanta in Gainesville, GA. This accomplished artist continues to contribute significantly to the Southern Gospel Music legacy, leaving an enduring impact on the hearts of fans across the country.



Jordan LeFevre leads the LeFevre Quartet alongside his father, Mike. Jordan is an exceptional vocal prowess and has an unwavering commitment to spreading the message of faith. Growing up in the LeFevre family, Jordan's early exposure ignited a passion for music and ministry that has guided his path.
Joining the quartet marked a pivotal chapter in Jordan's life and the groups history. His voice, characterized by range, depth, and emotional resonance, quickly earned recognition in the Southern Gospel community. 
In an ever-changing musical landscape, Jordan embraces innovation while honoring Southern Gospel's core principles. Jordan’s love for music ensures the quartet remains a relevant and influential force, bridging generational gaps by infusing classic Gospel with contemporary elements. Jordan represents a new generation of artists honoring tradition while embracing innovation and contemporary influences.
Beyond his musical abilities, Jordan embodies a deep commitment to ministry, understanding the profound impact that Gospel music can have on individuals and communities. His genuine love for people, evident in personal interactions, makes him not just a talented vocalist but a relatable figure in the Southern Gospel world.
Jordan, along with his wife, Ali, and three sons reside in Gainesville, Georgia. 

Jonathan Price



Jonathan Price, hailing from Eastern NC, embodies a deep connection to the soul-soothing tunes of Southern Gospel Music. His earliest memories are rooted in the harmonies of traditional quartet music echoing through his home church in Farmville, NC. At the tender age of 15, Jonathan embarked on his musical journey, a journey that would shape his future in Southern Gospel.
Thriving as the tenor for the esteemed LeFevre Quartet, Jonathan is a seasoned Southern Gospel veteran. His experience includes traveling with renowned groups like The Dixie Melody Boys, and The Dove Brothers Quartet and Paul’s Journey. Jonathan was a founding member of Real Truth Revival.
Beyond the stage, Jonathan wears multiple hats as a devoted husband, father, and a skilled woodworker, a passion ignited during his childhood spent building alongside his dad. Jonathan, along with his wife Megan, daughter Aspen Grey, and son Elijah Reid, call Wilmington, NC home.



Christian Davis, a multiple Dove Award-winning and Grammy-nominated artist, is not only a remarkably talented man of God but also a vessel through which the hand of God actively works. His life is a testament to both his musical prowess and his compassionate heart, driven by a sincere desire to make a positive difference.

From the tender age of three, Christian displayed a musical inclination, singing and playing various instruments. As he grew older, God blessed him with a unique, smooth bass vocal, a gift that typically requires years of seasoning. Christian's professional singing journey began in 1998 as the bass vocalist with The Sounds of Liberty while attending Liberty University. His influence led to the formation of the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet by Dr. Jerry Falwell, where Christian served as the original bass singer.

Throughout his career, Christian has lent his talents to various groups, including the Old Friends Quartet, Christian Brothers Quartet, and Mercy’s Mark. Notably, he spent six years singing with Grand Ole Opry members Dailey & Vincent. Christian is dedicated to pursuing his solo career when not with the LeFevre Quartet, eagerly sharing his testimony wherever God opens doors. His passion for music and ministry reflects a genuine commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those he reaches.

Channing Eleton, Pianist



Channing Eleton, an accomplished pianist and ordained minister, has left an indelible mark on the world of gospel music. His journey began on March 23, 1995, when he fulfilled his dream of playing gospel music by performing his first concert for Phil Cross & Poet Voices. This auspicious start paved the way for a remarkable career.

In 2000, Channing reached another milestone, playing his inaugural night as a member of the esteemed Gold City Quartet. During his tenure, he earned recognition as the Southern Gospel Music Association's "Musician Of The Year" in 2001 and secured the Southern Gospel Music Guild's "Musician Of The Year" award in 2005. These accolades attest to his exceptional musical talent and contributions to the gospel music scene.

Responding to a higher calling on March 23, 2008, Channing embarked on a music-evangelism ministry, marking a new chapter in his spiritual journey. Today, when not on the road with The LeFevre Quartet, Channing, along with his family (Channing Eleton Family), travels as an ordained minister, sharing his deep faith with audiences across the country. His passion for spreading the message of Jesus' imminent return defines both his music and ministry, making Channing Eleton a revered figure in the world of gospel music and spiritual leadership.